Islanders need a strong voice in Europe


Alyn Smith, SNP MEP and candidate for the European elections, visited Arran to talk to the islanders on the issues at stake in the upcoming vote. Smith reiterated the importance of a vote for a strong SNP team in Europe who will work for a more prosperous Scotland within the EU.

Smith said:

"It was great to spend time on the beautiful island of Arran. It was encouraging to hear our message being met with positivity and to see such a great turnout at the public meetings in Shiskine village hall and the Ormidale Pavilion.


“The islands of Scotland make a huge contribution to our economy through a diverse mix of agriculture, fishing, tourism and energy resources and expertise. However, we must also recognise the uniqueness of island communities in terms of the challenges they face. This is why I was the first MEP candidate to commit to the islands champion pledge earlier this year, which calls for an improved transport system to the European Islands and the creation of an Islands Intergroup in the European Parliament.

“Elected SNP MEPs, will represent the whole of Scotland, including communities beyond the mainland, and will focus on meeting the specific needs and aspirations of our islands and our islanders.”

Local MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

“This election is now a straight choice for voters between the SNP and UKIP for the final seat. The contrasting politics of these two options is stark: the progressive politics of a strong SNP team in Brussels standing up for Scotland versus the backward and unpleasant agenda of UKIP, which wants to see Scotland out of Europe rather than positively engaging in it.

“Electing a strong team of SNP MEPs in this election, and then voting for independence gives Scotland the best opportunity of truly making our mark in Europe.”