Investment needed now to keep Scotland ahead of the game


Scotland must grasp its ocean energy potential now before falling behind some of its European neighbours, CEO of Aquamarine Power Martin McAdam has warned after the French Government invests almost €200 million.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

“The French Government is ploughing millions of euros into tidal projects and is prepared to spend even more on research, development and demonstration.  We in Scotland must also be ambitious and step-up our investment in the sector.

“We have world's first Marine Energy Centre in Orkney and we have the brains in our universities and research centres to take advantage of it.  The message is clear; serious investment in this industry is needed now. 

“Scotland is the ideal location for ocean energy.  Our natural resources provide us with an advantage that we can't afford to lose.  I agree entirely with Martin when he says that now is not the time to be faint-hearted.  Now is the time to be ambitious and allow ocean energy to reach its full potential before others catch up and we fall behind.

“We're lucky enough to have a supportive government here in Scotland and the EU is now, slowly but surely, starting to pay attention too.

“Independence will also provide a boost for ocean energy and allow the government to harness the full potential our seas have to offer;  with greater power for Holyrood, comes greater power of our marine sector. 

“We must keep up the pressure and start taking the risks that our ocean energy industry needs.  Ocean energy has a huge role to play in our renewable energy mix and now is the time to allow it to play that role.”