Climate Change

The EU’s climate targets is an issue of great concern to many in Scotland, and understandably so. During my time as an MEP the issue has caused a continuous stream of correspondence from my constituents and so I take every opportunity to act on their behalf.

I am an avid campaigner in the fight against climate change, and aside from my inbox, I’m well aware of the importance of this issue to Scots having marched alongside thousands in Scotland’s biggest climate change demonstration ‘The Wave’, in Glasgow last December.

In recent months, I have attended the COP15 talks in Copenhagen where I briefed all MEPs and their embassies on the actions of the Scottish Parliament in their ambitious targets for fighting climate change. The Scottish Climate Change Act is world leading and I am passionate about urging the EU to commit to cuts of the necessary scale.

In the European Parliament, I was active on the energy agenda as an alternate member of the European Parliament's Energy Committee in the 2004-09 mandate, pushing, successfully, for ambitious EU targets in energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy which resulted in the "202020 by 2020" package successfully being adopted. Such work led to my nomination in the 2008 MEP of The Year awards as well as Politician of the Year in the 2009 Scottish Green Energy awards.

More recently, I invited the new prospective European Commissioner for Energy, Gunther Oettinger, to come to Scotland and see for himself the glittering contribution Scotland is making and will make to Europe’s energy policy.