We are fully committed to making this website and its content as accessible as possible to all. The website has been carefully designed, and strict standards maintained to ensure that all users, regardless of ability, can access it.

Web standards

Alyn Smith's website conforms to Priority Level 2 of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The aim of the guidelines is to ensure that websites can be accessed by a variety of assistive technologies such as screen readers.

The site has been built to comply with W3C standards XHTML 1.0.

Using this website

We offer the following accessibility features on our site:

  • A 'skip navigation' link (invisible to standard browser environments) at the very top of each page to enable screen reader and keyboard users to access page content quickly
  • A site search and text sitemap
  • Resizable text and flexible page layout.

Screen reader users

All pages within this site follow the same structure and layout for ease of use. The header contains utility links: Accessibility, Contact and Search.

The left column contains the main links to all the site, including Home, About, Your Europe, Gallery, News and Blog. You can also joing Alyn's Newsletter here.

The main page content is in the right column.

Main navigation links are also repeated at the bottom of each page.

Customising your computer

You can change the settings of your browser, computer, keyboard and/or mouse to help you access all websites in the best way for you. The BBC’s My Web My Way provides full details on changing settings for various computer platforms and internet browsers.