Alyn Comments On Livestock Numbers

15 December 2011
SNP Member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee Alyn Smith has welcomed the stabilisation of sheep and beef herd numbers, but warned that while this is encouraging there are plenty of clouds on the horizon and it will take 'Team Scotland' to maximise Scotland's advantage.  
Alyn said:
"This is good news, and shows that the long term impact of changes is starting to be felt. Unlike politics, agriculture is a long term game and it is heartening to see results starting to feed through.
"However, with many issues looming, not least the reform of the Common Agriculture Policy, ongoing practical problems of implementing EID for sheep and the potential downsides of a negative outcome from the EU-MERCOSUR trade talks, there remain no shortage of challenges and no room for complacency.
"I have every confidence that Richard Lochhead and his team will continue to work with and for Scottish agriculture, and get the best outcomes we can."