Warm Applause In Strasbourg For Independence In Europe

14 December 2011

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today (Wednesday) been heartened by the reaction of MEPs to an intervention he made stating that with such disastrous representation by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Scotland's people would be better off financially, and in all other senses, representing ourselves in the European family of nations as a constructive partner. 

The intervention, made during a speech by UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and reaction, were captured on the Parliament's videofeed and are on youtube (see link below) as an accessible clip.

Speaking in the Chamber, Alyn said:

"Mr President, I am grateful to the Member for accepting a question. Given that the actions, the very selfish actions, of Prime Minister David Cameron in uniquely achieving nothing for the one square mile of the 96,000 square miles of the United Kingdom have achieved nothing but actually undermined the 26 other Member States trying to solve this crisis, would he agree with me that Prime Minister Cameron may well have made a couple of people in his own party happy and that he may well have made a couple of people in the member's party happy?

"He did not speak on behalf of the Labour Party, the Greens, the Liberals - well, not all of the Liberals anyway.

"He assuredly did not speak on behalf of the people of Scotland, with just one representative at the Westminster Parliament from my country. He certainly did not speak on behalf of the aspirations of the Scottish Parliament.

"Would he agree with me that, if he [Farage] does achieve the aim that he [Cameron] has facilitated and the United Kingdom does leave this place, the people of Scotland will do considerably better representing ourselves, free from London rule, as part of this family of nations as a constructive partner?"


Speaking after the intervention, Alyn said:

"I'll confess I did not plan today's intervention, but I'm tired of parochial Tory and UKIP voices representing my country and I felt I had to get in about it.

"I was heartened by the reaction. I've long known that Scotland has friends in all corners of the Chamber across the entire political spectrum we will be able to rely on come independence, but diplomacy of course means people tend to be a bit quieter about intervening in such matters. However, today's applause, and the nods and smiles around the place, nail once and for all the already risible notion that Scotland would be without friends in the EU.

"Quite the reverse, if Mr Cameron and Mr Farage, and they are of course much the same in European terms, keep on going the way they're going then Scotland will be independent in jig time, welcomed with open arms in the EU while the UK languishes on the sidelines, gazing misty eyed at an ancient, faded, map of the Empire."

The clip of the intervention and reaction can be found at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_9JkXLLPy8&feature=youtube_gdata_player