Scots Suspicious Of Cameron's EU Walkout

12 December 2011


Scots are the most suspicious of David Cameron's motivation for walking out of EU talks on Friday, withdrawing from negotiations with the rest of the EU.

A poll for the Times shows that:

  • 53% of Scots polled think Cameron's use of the veto will reduce the influence of the UK inside the EU.
  • More Scots (27%) think it weakens the prospect of UK economic recovery than elsewhere in the UK (24%) or than think it will help the economy.
  • In a sign of the suspicion with which David Cameron's actions are being considered in Scotland 39% of Scots, more than in any other UK region think the veto was only used because of pressure from Eurosceptic Tories. Only 17% disagree.

Commenting on the Populus poll of over 400 people in Scotland SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

"Cameron might have fooled Conservative backbenchers but he certainly hasn't fooled people in Scotland.

"Cameron's actions are being seen for the political posturing they are and there is clear concern that not only has the UK's influence in Europe been sacrificed but that this will do little for the UK's economic recovery.

"David Cameron doesn't just represent Tory backbenchers in Europe he represents the whole of the UK and for as long as that includes Scotland then he is duty bound to provide an explanation of what economic assessment was made and what the impact will be on key scottish industries from his decision.

"This poll shows that people across Scotland doubt David Cameron's motivation and have real concerns about the impact this decision will have."

Populus polled 411 people in Scotland as part of a UK wide poll for the Times.

Asked do you agree with the following statements the results were as follows:

David Cameron's use of the veto will reduce the influence of the UK inside the European Union (UK average)

Agree 53% (56%)
Disagree 8% (9%)
DK 18% (17%)

David Cameron's use of the veto weakens the prospect of a UK economic recovery

Agree 27% (24%)
Disagree 21% (27%)
DK 22% (22%)

David Cameron only used the veto because he was under pressure from Eurosceptic Conservative MPs

Agree 39% (35%)
Disagree 17% (22%)
DK 21% (24%)