Alyn Congratulates Prof Glover on EU Appointment

05 December 2011

Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament for Scotland has today (Monday)congratulated the Scottish Government's chief science advisor, Anne Glover, on her appointment as the EU's first chief scientist.


 Anne Glover is professor of molecular and cell biology at Aberdeen University and has been Scotland's chief science advisor since 2006. On appointment to the role, expected to be announced at the EU Innovation Convention on 5th-6th December, Prof Glover will take on the responsibility of coordinating Europe's scientific policy developments. The role is set to be based in the office of commission President and seeks to oversee policy developments through to delivery.

Commenting on the appointment, Alyn said:

"Scotland is punching well above its weight when it comes to world class research institutions and so this appointment does not come as a surprise, however the recognition of Scotland's excellence in the scientific field will add to our role in furthering Europe's high standards in research and innovation.

"Prof Glover is expected to work in Mr Barroso's office, with her own staff and rank of director-general, rather than being part of the research and innovation directorate-general. Her appointment highlights the EU's intentions to ensure science and research plays a leading role in future EU policy. As chief scientific adviser, Prof Glover has the power to deliver proactive, scientific advice throughout all stages of policy development and delivery. This reflects the central importance the EU attaches to research and innovation. The decision comes just days after the announcement of Horizon 2020, an umbrella initiative which incorporates various programmes for investment, innovation, technology and research including the EU SMEs and Competitiveness programme. Last week the commission proposed an 80bn investment programme in research and innovation to run for six years from 2014. Its funding will be 40 per cent greater than the current Framework R&D programme which it replaces. Although I have some concern over the level of funding for SMEs outlined in the Horizon 2020 proposals, I do believe that the greater focus on establishing a 'green' economy within Europe is a step in the right direction.

"I'm pleased to see Europe and Scotland's role as a leader in research and innovation recognised with the Horizon 2020 proposals and the subsequent appointment of Prof Glover. It's crucial we prioritise research and innovation towards meeting the challenges of this century, and Scotland is already paving the way. We need to ensure that Horizon 2020 effectively supports Scotland's drive for a viable, green economic future."