Scottish Yards Could Build Ships For Whole Of Europe

18 November 2011

The SNP’s Alyn Smith claimed today (Friday) that UK politicians are wrong about Scottish shipyards not getting UK defence contracts after independence, insisting that new EU procurement laws meant that Scottish yards could be bidding for defence work from all over Europe.

Alyn said:

“A massive opportunity has just opened up for Scottish shipbuilding – an opportunity to earn defence contracts from all over the European Union.

“The Defence Procurement Directive came into force in the summer, opening up the defence industries and abolishing protectionist measures in the defence industries.  It’s an opportunity for Scottish shipyards – and the other defence industry companies in Scotland – to win contracts from every one of the 27 Member States.

“Some UK politicians have been telling scare stories over the past few days but the truth is that Scottish shipyards are now in a position to win far more work than they could ever get from the UK.  Scottish shipyards in an independent Scotland would have the chance to really prosper.

“The unions are meeting politicians today to discuss what happens next and they should have the truth in front of them.  UK politicians might not like it but the EU is killing scare stories stone dead.”