Alyn Hails Irish-Scottish Offshore Renewable Energy Grid

23 November 2011

Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament for Scotland, has today (Wednesday) welcomed the findings that a subsea grid connecting Scottish, Irish and Northern Irish offshore renewable sites is feasible and committed himself to assist in accessing continued EU support for the venture. 

The huge potential benefits of a new electricity grid under the Irish Sea connecting power sources on Scottish, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland electricity networks have been highlighted in an exhaustive study published today.

Speaking from Brussels, Alyn said:

"This is good news. This study highlights that the development of an interconnected transmission network within the decade would help drive further growth in the renewables sector, create jobs, generate revenues and ensure future sustainable energy supplies by better connecting and exporting electricity.

"This further cements Scotland's role as Europe's renewable energy powerhouse. Scotland has around a quarter of the continent's wind and tidal resource and as much as a tenth of its potential wave power. This project would allow us to harvest that potential, further develop our export capability and bring in revenues to Scotland.

"This project also paves the way, as it shows Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland cooperating to deliver improved energy networks.   Hopefully this development will encourage other EU member states to engage in similar cross-border initiatives.

"Connecting our transmissions networks is a challenging endeavour, but the rewards will be great. This is an opportunity Scotland cannot afford to miss and I will do all I can to ensure this project of EU significance continues to receive EU support."