Smith Hails Scots Internet Awareness Campaign as Example For Europe

10 June 2008
Alyn Smith Member of the European Parliament for Scotland has praised Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary for their innovative approach to help safeguard children from paedophiles on the internet.

Mr Smith has alsocontacted the European Commission toinvestigate possible funding streams for this campaign to roll out across Scotland, and called on the Commission to adopt this model of best practice for the whole of Europe.

The primary objective of the scheme is to raise awareness about the dangers of disclosing personal information on web sharing sites, which may leave children vulnerable to being exploited.

Mr Smith said:

"The internet generation use technology like never before, but there are downsides to the net. Sadly we must acknowledge that there aretwisted individuals out there who prey on the vulnerability and naivety of children. This campaign will raise awareness amongst youngsters of the need to be a wee bit wary when giving out information, so should help keep themselves safe.

"It is unfortunate with every new wave of technology and social interaction, there are those who wish to abuse the system to their own end. However, with innovative campaigns like thisI hope that children will have the savvy to steer clear of revealing too much of their own personal details.

"I was so impressed with this campaign that I have written to the European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security seeking potential funding options to expand this campaign beyond Dumfries and Galloway, as well as tout this as a great example for Europe."