Watch How You Shop On Holiday

08 August 2011
Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament for Scotland, is urging Scots to think twice about what souvenirs they buy on their summer holidays and to refrain from buying products made from ivory.  

Smith, who is also Vice President of the SSPCA, has signed a European Parliament petition which urges the EU to protect elephants from poaching by opposing any further international trade in ivory.   

Though the trade of ivory is illegal, recent reports suggest the industry is still thriving. In April this year, over 700 elephant tusks were discovered by Chinese border officials in a routine patrol. Two weeks earlier, Thailand customs officials found 247 elephant tusks concealed inside a consignment of frozen fish from Kenya.

Alyn said,

"Wildlife souvenirs are a major threat to biodiversity and it is all too easy to pick up a nice necklace, or decorative ornament as a memento of a holiday without thinking about the ramifications.

"With thousands of Scots jetting off on holiday over the coming weeks, we can all play a part. By refusing to buy products made from ivory, we can help end the demand for such goods, and help prevent the needless poaching of wild elephants."