Alyn Hails EU Vision On Energy Cooperation

06 July 2011
SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today (Wednesday) hailed a Parliament vote on a proposed new European energy infrastructure for 2020 and beyond. 

The Parliament voted by a massive 590 votes to 43 to approve a series of calls which emphasise the importance on the integration of renewable energy, smart grids and meters into the still fragmented European grid.
The report by Spanish MEP Francisco Sosa Wagner also introduces an energy efficiency hierarchy for infrastructure planning and calls for industry to install smart meters by 2014, sending important signals to the still new green technologies.  MEPs were also in favour of proposals to develop innovative financing instruments and back the idea of issuing "common European project bonds" to finance EU's major infrastructure needs such as the North Sea supergrid project.  These bonds would secure the necessary investment, and at the same time help create a climate of confidence for private investors.
Alyn has consistently promoted renewable energy within the Parliament, and also the integration of the EU energy markets as a vast export opportunity for Scotland.
Speaking from Strasbourg, Alyn said:

"As a vast potential generator of clean green, and lucrative, energy, Scotland has a vast stake in the future shape of the EU energy market, so today's report is good news for Scotland and Europe as a whole as we strive to better integrate renewable energy sources, boosting efficiency thereby keeping costs down for consumers.
"This report proves my point that there is nothing in the current development of the EU for us in Scotland to fear, this is about connecting our markets, not about controlling Scotland's production.  cotland has a natural comparative advantage within the EU in the production of energy, and we are going to need state of the art interconnection to sell it to our friends and neighbours. Today's report gives a flavour of what that network will look like and indeed how we might leverage in the massive investment that will be required.

"Scotland has a part to play - we have much to share, but we can also learn from our European neighbours."