Smith Hails Unique Scottish Golf Tournament For Disabled Golfers

13 May 2011

SNP MEP and member of the European Parliament's Education, Culture and Sport Committee, Alyn Smith has today (Friday) hailed a tournament for disabled golfers taking place in Scotland this summer.

The Scottish Championship and World Ryder Cup for disabled golfers, from Monday 11 to Monday 18 July at the Dullatur and WesterwoodGolf Courses, will see over 50 disabled golfers from around the world compete.

In addition to Scots, participants will be from countries including Germany, Canada, Australia and South Africa. These two back-to-back events, consisting of seven rounds of competition golf is the biggest golf event ever arranged for disabled people. The four teams will be Scotland, England, Celtic Nations and a World Squad.

The Scottish Disability Golf Partnership, governed and operated by disabled people, organises more golf and golf training than any other disabled group in the world.  Players include beginners, the blind, amputees, stroke and heart attack victims, wheelchair users and those with learning difficulties.

Smith said:

"It's well known that Scotland is the home of golf, but this tournament will be unique in providing disabled golfers an opportunity to compete on a global stage. The Scottish Disability Golf Partnership has been doing a great job of making sure Scotland's sport is inclusive for all.

"This event looks set to be great and it's a wonderful opportunity for those involved. I would encourage golf enthusiasts and those looking for a good day out to go along and show their support."

Jim Gales, Chairman of the Scottish Disability Golf Partnership added:

"This is the first of its kind in the world, incorporating the handicap system so that all golfers will be competing equally.

"I encourage people to attend, to see for themselves that having a disability is no barrier to playing the sport."