Full Support For Scotland's EU Renewables Funding Bid

13 May 2011
SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today (Friday) welcomed the news that the Pentland Orkney Wave Energy Resource (POWER) Ltd has been selected by the UK government to apply for European funding through the EU’s New Entrant Reserve (NER300) scheme – a fund worth around EUR4.5 billion to support carbon capture and storage (CCS) and innovative renewable projects across the European Union.
The Scottish-based POWER project aims to deliver the world’s first large-scale grid-connected demonstration of a wave energy farm with a total generation capacity of 28 MW. Data and learning captured during the development and operation of the project will be used directly to accelerate the commercialisation of wave energy technology and the development of the industry in Europe.

Smith was formerly a member of the European Parliament's Industry, Energy and Research Committee.

Smith said:

"While this is still early stages of the process, it is good to see that we are moving in the right direction.

"The research that this demonstration project would involve would not only benefit Scotland and our already well-established hub for renewable energy research and development, but also similar facilities across the EU and further. Scotland really is leading the world in this field. I hope that the European Investment Bank also see the potential that this project offers, not just for us but for others.

"My congratulations to the team involved to have come this far already, and my best wishes for the next stages."