Smith Congratulates John Ross On 'Care Farming Scotland' Appointment

11 May 2011
SNP Member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee Alyn Smith has congratulated John Ross on his appointment as Chairman of 'Care Farming Scotland'.
Smith said:

"This is good news - John brings a real commitment and experience to an already great organisation, and I look forward to 'Care Farming Scotland' going from strength to strength.

"The role of worthwhile activity on farms, woodlands and gardens in rehabilitating folk is often overlooked, and could do with expansion.

"Scotland is not a big place, and there are many ways in which practical hands-on, and indeed hands-dirty, experience can have genuine benefit, and so save on other public health or justice budgets. Public service in Scotland still remains too often bound by governmental structures, where there is a real role for the third sector to bridge the gaps and focus on the needs of the individual.

"I wish John all the best in his new appointment, and pledge my own support to assist 'Care Farming Scotland' to flourish."