Smith Hails EU Boost For Scots Renewables

18 June 2008
SNP Member of the European Parliament Mr Alyn Smith has hailed pending EU legislation which will ensure a more level playing field for Scotland's renewable industry, which was today approved by the European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg.

Smith has also urged the European Commission to take stronger EU action against the UK's energy regulator, Ofgem for its transmission 'locational' charging policy which continues to penalise Scotland's renewable energy producers making it more expensive for them to connect to the grid.

The only Scot to speak in the debate, Smith said after the vote today:

"We have done a good bit of work for Europe's consumers today, and Scotland's renewables industry.

"With Scotland's glittering potential, it still staggers me that Ofgem can operate a pricing regime which breaks the legs of Scotland's fledgling renewables industry before it can walk.

"I have a live complaint with the European Commission on this, as the current legislation is not strong enough, however I welcome the stronger commitment to renewable energy that this legislative package will create."

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