Good Decision By Spanish Constitutional Court On Bildu

06 May 2011

Alyn Smith today hailed the decision by the six judges of the Spanish Constitutional Court who have voted in favour of allowing the Bildu coalition to participate in the upcoming local elections in the Basque Country.

This has come in the wake of the decision by the Spanish authorities one week ago to prohibit Bildu from putting forward candidates.

Smith was one of 24 MEPs to sign an open letter to the President of the European Commission, President of the European Council and the Prime Minister of Spain criticising the decision to ban the Bildu coalition as being in breach of the core democratic principles of the European Union, and representing unacceptable state interference in the political process.

Smith said:

"I am relieved to see the Constitutional Court take a far more sensible approach to Bildu than the Supreme Court did last week. Banning a coalition that was composed of legal parties who support non-violent progress towards a resolution of the Basque conflict only works to alienate and then strengthen those who are recent converts to the peace process and would have potentially damaged the fragile start it has made.

"I am glad that Basque voters will have a truly democratic choice at the forthcoming elections."