MEP To Launch DVD at Glasgow Cinema

16 March 2011

On 21 March, Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith, will launch a DVD outlining what MEPs do at the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow's West End.

The European Parliament provides each MEP with a budget to produce informative resources to keep all EU citizens informed and connected with what MEPs do and can do for you.

To demystify some of the grey areas that surround the European Parliament and the EU and how it affects Scotland, Alyn has produced a DVD.  It outlines what MEPs do and how the European Parliament can enact legislation that affects many different sectors of society. The DVD will be distributed to every school, college, university and library in Scotland.

Alyn Smith said:

"I'm frequently asked what do MEPs do and what can the European Parliament do for me? To eliminate confusion and combat some of the myths that surround the EU I have produced a DVD. The DVD is not intended to be party political, instead it honestly and frankly explains

the system and mechanics of the EU and how it impacts upon Scotland, and the work that MEPs do, in what I hope is a comprehensible and straightforward manner.

"As a cinema, the Grosvenor is cream of the crop and I couldn't think of a more prestigious or fitting venue to launch my DVD.

"I'm looking forward to showcasing the DVD to Facebook friends that I have invited and catching up with some of the stars of the film - students from Stirling High - at the launch. I hope people enjoy the DVD and find it both useful and informative."





 The launch will take place at 7pm on 21 March in The Loft, Grosvenor

Cinema, 24 Ashton Lane, Hillhead, Glasgow.