Scottish Eurovision Campaign Launched

30 June 2008
A non-political campaign group has been set up to campaign for a Scottish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest and calls on supporters to join the campaign to see Scotland represented in Moscow Eurovision 2009.

The group of Scots Eurovision fans, gathered together via Facebook and other networking sites, has today (Monday) launched a campaign website and invites Scots, and others, to register their support online and encourage Scottish Television to bid to produce the contest. The group has had support and advice from SNP Member of the European Parliament Mr Alyn Smith, who has identified a legal way for Scotland to be represented and committed himself to assist the campaign. Speaking at the launch,

Spokesman David McDonald said:

"Eurovision is about the nations of Europe and a wee bit wider getting together and having fun, and it is clear that Scotland could do better representing ourselves than the UK.

"We have some spectacular talent in music of all sorts and broadcasting in Scotland, and when Alyn Smith found a way for Scotland to enter the contest as Scotland we got together and said, "Lets do it!" We're a group of Eurovision fans of all politics and none, but this is about Scotland's talent and Eurovision not politics.

"The website seeks support to demonstrate to STV just how strong the demand is in Scotland for STV to organise the contest for Scotland next time around. We have already had a lot of great feedback and the campaign is just starting. I'm confident Scotland and STV could produce a winning Eurovision entry!"

Fellow Friend of Scottish Eurovision, Spokeswoman Lynn Allan said:

"This is about the talent we have in Scotland representing ourselves, and a boost to Scottish broadcasting as well. The BBC does not own the rights to Eurovision, if STV can put forward a bid then let's open a window onto Scotland's talent. Look at how Ireland did so well out of the competition, look at what it did for Irish music, reputation and tourism.

"If the last Eurovision shows us anything it is that we cannot do worse! We have the talent, we have the ambition, this campaign is going to prove we have the support so let's make it happen!" SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith added:

"I'll jump at any chance to increase Scotland's profile internationally, everyone knows we're well liked and well thought of. More power to the Eurovision campaign's elbow!

"Eurovision is no exception, and it is clear to me that the UK is the problem, Scotland could clearly do better representing ourselves. Scots are not happy with the representation that we receive currently and plenty believe that we could do far better on our own. The recent comments of Annie Lennox about Scottish independence just go to show that more and more people are willing to take a stand in support of the independence movement. It is clear that we have a lot to gain from being able to promote Scottish talent and culture on such a popular and widely viewed platform.

"I have met with the European Broadcasting Union, the organisers of the contest, and they have confirmed to me that it is quite possible for Scotland to enter. I would like to see Scotland enter as an independent state, but we're not an independent state yet. Meantime, I've come up with the "UEFA compromise" whereby Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England could take it in turns to organise the UK's entry, in their own right.

"The Scottish entry would therefore only happen every four years, but it is more than Scottish music and broadcast talent gets from BBC London's efforts right now. STV is eligible to put forward the entry as an active member of the European Broadcasting Union, and it is quite possible for the Scottish entry to represent the UK.

"The reaction from some quarters after the last UK failure was disgraceful. If all the old Western European nations were part of some new contest then the UK would have come third last so any notion of political voting or some sort of conspiracy is nonsense. The fact is, the UK is not greatly liked, and sour grapes will not win any votes, an actual Scots enthusiasm for the contest will."