MEP Pledge For dotSCOT Campaign

02 December 2010

Scottish MEP Alyn Smith has today pledged his continued support to the dotSCOT campaign as their new website is launched.

dotSCOT seeks to have a top level domain name allocated for Scotland and Scottish culture. Such a domain name would allow all those who identify themselves as Scottish or host sites relating to Scotland to register a domain name ending .SCOT.

The decision regarding the creation of a .SCOT domain name rests with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

More than two hundred countries, cultural groups, territories, interest groups and other bodies maintain their own top level domain internet names. These allow websites to be identified by the country they originate in, the type of organisation they represent or by the content of the site.

Commenting from Edinburgh, Mr Smith said:

"Scotland has a unique culture and it is about time we had better recognition of that online.

"Being able to register .SCOT domains would give Scots around the world a new way to communicate and share information. This could also help Scottish businesses by reaffirming their commitment to Scotland.

"The fact that dotScot are receiving support from across the world shows how much potential there is here. I am happy to give my full support to the dotScot campaign and I'd urge others to do same."

The members of the public and organisations can pledge their support to dotScot at