Smith Hails Funding Boost For Aberdeenshire Farmers' Markets

20 October 2010

SNP Member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee Alyn Smith has today (Wednesday) hailed the award of EU funds to a project in Aberdeenshire which will ensure that farmers' markets in the area continue to develop to their fullest potential.

Aberdeenshire farmers' markets have been awarded funding from the EU through the LEADER programme for a two-year marketing and development programme.

The Scottish Farmers' Markets Partnership (SFMP) is an initial three-year support project which aims to promote, support and build the capacity of the farmers' markets sector in Scotland. The project is overseen by an Industry Steering Group, drawn from a wide range of stakeholder groups.

Smith said:

"This area is the birthplace of the Aberdeen Angus Cattle breed, now an international brand, and where better to buy your steaks than at your local farmers' market? This new funding will have an extremely positive impact on the development of farmers' markets across Aberdeenshire and will also help to revitalise local communities.

"In these uncertain times there can be no higher priority than food sovereignty, and the SNP's vision for agriculture sets a very clear objective of farmers producing quality local produce people want to eat, as well as tending to the environment by virtue of what they do.

"Our farmers' markets are key to this. This funding award is great news and will no doubt put Aberdeenshire on an even higher footing on the world culinary map and pave the way for a progressive, sustainable rural economy."