Ciolos Pressed On Budget, Animal Transport, LFASS And COOL

29 September 2010
SNP Member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee Alyn Smith has this week (Tuesday) taken part in a scrappy evidence session of the Agriculture Committee, where MEPs had the opportunity to quiz the EU's Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos.

The Commissioner sounded upbeat on Compulsory Origin Labelling, and confirmed 17 November as the publication date for the Commission Communication on CAP Reform, after which point CAP reform discussions can start in earnest.
Speaking after the meeting, Smith said:

"This was a bit of a scrappy session, and I'm not quite sure the Commissioner had too much to tell us, but it remains early days yet in CAP reform so he continues to keep his powder dry.
"Sadly, the same cannot be said for the MEPs, who subjected the Commissioner to an hour and a half of speeches and questions, by and large of little consequence.  I pressed him on Compulsory Origin Labelling, which he does seem to have taken on board as a priority so we'll wait and see what the final proposal looks like later in the year.  I also pressed him on when the LFA proposals will be coming through, and asked if he could shed any light on the vexed question of proposed new regulations on animal transport.  To both he effectively said 'not my department' which while true, is essentially buck passing.
"However, on the basis that keeping talking is probably a good thing, at least he keeps showing willing."