Passport To Europe Launched At Queen Margaret University

17 September 2010
SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith, an alternate member of the Parliament's Culture and Education Committee, has today launched his informative brochure ‘Passport to Europe’ at Queen Margaret University. Smith also met with the Principal, Professor Petra Wend.
‘Passport to Europe’, which was put together with the help of Dr Aileen McLeod (previously a member of Smith's office), aims to equip Scots with all the necessary information in order to encourage more people to get started with travelling, living and working in the EU and ensures they are fully informed on what their rights and entitlements are under EU law. Much of the guidance is based on official European Commission documents which, while publicly available, are not widely known. The brochure will be circulated around all schools and universities in Scotland.

Smith is keen to encourage more ambitious, young Scots to take full advantage of the opportunities in the European Union and help Scotland play an active role in Europe.

Smith said:

“Queen Margaret University is a great university for the ‘Passport to Europe’ brochure to get its first stamp of approval, because it has active student exchange and study abroad programmes that include agreements with many European universities in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic, France and Germany. I am looking forward to meeting with the Principal and some of the students who are planning to study abroad.

“As citizens of the EU, all Scots have the right to live, work, study, travel, shop and retire anywhere in the EU. However, not everyone is fully aware of their rights under EU law, the opportunities that are available to them as EU citizens or how to take advantage of them. I’m sure this brochure will be a useful guide for Scottish students and hopefully encourage them to grab every opportunity that is available.”

Professor Petra Wend, Principal of Queen Margaret University, said:

“As someone who has lived and studied in Germany and Italy, I am delighted to support the launch of this brochure and to encourage QMU students to become more aware of the travel, study and career opportunities which exist throughout Europe. It’s also an excellent way of encouraging cultural exchange.”

Student President, Blain Murphy said:

“The creation of 'Passport to Europe' will certainly help to open students’ eyes to the possibilities that Europe offers. It also provides invaluable information to help students plan a safe journey throughout the EU and maximise their European travel experience.”