Smith On East Lothian SNP Ballot

12 August 2010

SNP members across East Lothian Constituency have voted in a postal ballot to select their candidate for the forthcoming Holyrood elections, a contest in which Alyn Smith took part.  By 71 votes to 68, with two spoiled ballots, the members voted to select the other candidate in the ballot.

Smith said:

 "I thank those many activists across the branches and constituency for their support and enthusiasm.  Naturally, I am disappointed that the majority of the members were not for me, but I remain pretty cheery, and am content that I conducted myself throughout the process with integrity and honour, and put the interests of the Party and the Cause before my own.

 "I said at the outset that my motivation for putting myself forward was to be where I could be most useful to the Party, I do after all already have a job I love.

 "I sought to play a front line role and get my hands dirty in what will be a tough election for the Party.  I put myself forward for East Lothian and no other seat because I could have played a real role in cohering the branches and building up the constituency, persuading people to our cause, as well as taking on the leader of our primary opposition at Holyrood.  I was equally clear that in the event I was not selected I would not be putting myself forward for the regional list, and confirm that I will not do so.

 "At 36, having already been an elected Parliamentarian for six years, I still have a lot to give.  I am proud to be part of an SNP team which is delivering real results both nationally and locally across Scotland.  I will not be a candidate for the Holyrood elections, but will certainly support active campaigns across the country.  I wish the members in East Lothian well."