Smith Hails Real Progress On TSE Cost Eradication

16 July 2010
SNP Member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee and Draftsman of the Agriculture Committee's Opinion on the Animal By Products Regulation Alyn Smith has today (Friday) hailed the publication by the European Commission of a roadmap to further update the regulations in line with the advancing science, stripping now unnecessary costs from the meat industry.
The "TSE Roadmap 2" outlines a number of practical measures in which the regulations, brought in to counter concern over BSE, can now be relaxed to better reflect the scientific progress in the area and be more proportionate to the actual risks.  The net effect of the roadmap will be to reduce a number of costs to the meat industry, which will be good news for the industry and producers, at no risk to the public.

Smith said:

"This has been a long time coming, and I commend those who have worked so hard on it for so long, particularly Nigel Miller at NFUS and Iain Anderson at SAMW.  I've hopefully played my part in maintaining attention upon this hugely technical, but hugely important, body of law, and I'm glad that we are moving it in the right direction.

"Clearly, safety and public confidence are paramount, but it is clear to me that the science has moved on, so it is right that the regulations move on also.  Stripping out costs from the industry has to be good news, and in the same way as my report flagged up a number of ways to strip out costs and sweat more value from the fifth quarter, this Roadmap goes a long way to ushering in a sensible and proportionate regime.

"Often the EU gets a bad press for unnecessary regulation, mostly unfairly.  However, this document does represent a workmanlike and sensible approach, and I'm glad that it is moving forward."