Smith Hails Ban On Cloned And Nanotech Food

07 July 2010

"Work on them in the Lab, not the kitchen"

SNP Member of the European Parliament's Agriculture committee Mr Alyn Smith today hailed an overwhelming vote of the full Parliament today (Wednesday) to ban on meat and dairy products from cloned animals as part of new EU rules on foodstuffs.

These restrictions also apply to foods produced using nanotechnology and the rules stipulate that only those nanotech ingredients which have been fully risk assessed and proven to be safe may be used, and even then, must be clearly labelled. 

However, Smith regretted that a proposed requirement that products from animals reared on genetically modified feed be clearly labelled as such was narrowly defeated. 

Speaking after the vote in Strasbourg, Smith said:

 "This is a great victory for transparency and safety.  This is in no way an anti-technology vote, but consumer safety, and hence consumer confidence, comes first, and while there is nothing stopping lab research, the consumers of Europe have every right to know what they are, and are not, eating.  As technology develops, so can the law, but meantime until new technologies are proven to be safe then they stay in the Lab, not the kitchen.  The potential for new technologies could open up all sorts of possibilities, but the reality is that they remain as we would say in Scotland, 'not proven' and until they are they need to be strictly controlled.

"We have sent a clear message on behalf of the agricultural industry and, most importantly, the consumer - we must know if our food is safe before it reaches the market, or our plates.

"It is now up to the EU governments and the Commission to heed the Parliament's call and implement the ban on foodstuffs from cloned animals as soon as possible."