Smith Calls For Calorie Labelling On Alcohol

28 June 2010

They say you are what you eat but new research suggests that you may also be what you drink. Stats unveiled by Smith shows that seven Bacardi Breezers is equivalent to six Mars Bars, while six pints of lager can contain as many calories as three Big Macs.

Smith has called upon the European Commission to urge alcohol manufacturers across the EU to fall into line with other drinks products and provide full nutritional information on their products. 

The European Parliament has just passed new legislation bringing all food and non alcoholic drinks into the nutritional labelling rules, yet alcohol was exempt. Smith is now putting pressure on drink companies to label the amount of calories on drinks so consumers are clued up on how many calories they are digesting through drink.

Smith said:

“Many regard Scotland’s national cuisine as a deep fried Mars Bars and a hearty dram. However, most Scots remain totally unaware of just how many calories they are consuming by drinking their favourite tipple. The drinks industry is keeping Scots consumers in the dark and hiding these facts and figures for a reason. If youngsters knew that seven alcopops was equivalent to six Mars Bars then they may just think twice.

“I’m not saying people shouldn't drink but if we are looking to change our cultural behaviour towards alcohol then having access to the real information on just what we are tipping down our necks may just shock and surprise figure conscious Scots.

“The European Parliament has just obliged all food and non alcoholic  drinks makers to sharpen up their act, now the drinks industry must be compelled to do the same. If Irn Bru has to do this then there is no  reason why Tennents should not be doing the same.”

Dr Evelyn Gillan, Chief Executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland said:

"Alcohol Focus Scotland believes that there should be mandatory health and unit information on labels including calorific information.

"Alcohol is 'no ordinary commodity' and as such the general public needs to be aware of the risks to health from excessive consumption. To include unit and calorie information on labels of alcoholic products makes sense."