Agriculture MEP At Highland Show

24 June 2010

It’s showtime again and full member of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee SNP MEP Alyn Smith will be meeting with stakeholders from across the agriculture sector when he visits the Highland Show in Ingliston tomorrow.

Smith said:

 "As always I am looking forward to the Highland Show enormously. It is a highlight of the calendar and gives me a good chance to catch up with people, formally and less so too, as I take in the sights.

"We have a lot going on in Brussels which is of huge importance to our farmers in Scotland and I anticipate a good deal of questioning as I wander round. I also want to thank Scotland's farmers and growers for their continued support in the last European election, where the SNP won convincingly and the turnout in rural areas was markedly higher than in the towns.

"It is great to have access to everyone in one place for a change, and I will be taking the opportunity to chat to as many farming organisations as I can fit in to get a thorough insight into what the thoughts, problems and concerns are in the industry at the moment.”

Highlights of Alyn Smith's programme are:



1000 – Scottish Rural Property And Business Association (SRPBA)            

1100 - Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers

1200 – National Sheep Association (NSA)

1300 - Lunch with Quality Meat Scotland

1430 – Meeting with Young Farmers

1500 - SBCA

1600 – Scottish Organic Products Association (SOPA)