Commission To Examine NFUS Animal Transport Proposal

19 April 2010
Scottish Member of the European Parliament's powerful Agriculture Committee Alyn Smith has today (Monday) welcomed assurances from EU Health Commissioner John Dalli (whose remit covers animal transport) that the European Commission will work with NFUS as they put together a report on animal transport.

Smith was also pleased to see the Commissioner emphasise the importance of uniform enforcement of existing legislation across the EU.

Smith said:

"I am glad that the Health Commissioner seems to have his wits about him when it comes to any revision of the current legislation on animal transport.

"As I have said before, the existing legislation is not the problem - it is the lack of implementation or enforcement in other EU member states. Scotland's farming industry should not be penalised for incorrect or non-implementation elsewhere in Europe.

"The Commissioner's reply seems to suggest that he is aware of these issues and that any future report coming from the Commission will, crucially, address implementation and navigation systems.

"I commend NFUS for putting together such a well thought out and objective strategy and I hope that, with their input, the Commission report will not unnecessarily penalise Scotland's farmers."

The new report on the impact of the Regulation on the welfare of animals being transported is due to be presented in 2011.

NFUS's proposal on animal transport outlines a workable plan for a pilot project to trial new ways of using satellite surveillance to ensure the rest of the EU abides by the rules already in force.