MEP Encourages Scottish Schools To Partake In 'Real Fake' Competition

25 February 2010
SNP MEP Alyn Smith, an alternate member of the Parliament's Culture and Education Committee is today encouraging schools in Scotland to participate in an EU competition on counterfeiting and piracy.

The ‘REAL fake' competition aims to raise awareness of piracy among young people, aged between 10 and 15 years old. Pupils can design a logo or a stamp for the European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy or produce short stories, games and films, or any other items about the problem of counterfeiting and piracy. These will be used to help educate others about the specific impacts and dangers of this phenomenon.

The successful schools will be invited to a ceremony at the European Parliament in Brussels on the 23rd June 2010, where celebrities, invited especially for the occasion, will award the prizes.

Smith said:

"While the dangers associated with counterfeiting and piracy continually grow, public awareness remains comparatively low. We urgently need to focus our attention on raising the awareness of children, who can be enticed to buy fakes at an early age.

"This is a great competition and a fantastic opportunity for pupils all around Scotland to showcase their creative talent to the whole of the EU and hopefully win some great prizes! It would be great to see a Scottish school crowned the winner. Fingers crossed!"


Schools have until the 1st May 2010 (date of postage or email), to submit their work for evaluation. A maximum of 10 contributions per school is allowed. At the beginning of June the successful schools will be informed of the results.

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