Smith Lets Scots Have Their Say In Mini-Europe

19 December 2009

SNP MEP Alyn Smith is granting Scots the opportunity to select their favourite Scottish sites to feature in Mini-Europe; a park in Brussels that displays reproductions of the most attractive monuments in the EU.

Scotland is, at present, sadly missing from the park, but after complaints and gentle persuasion Smith has been granted the privilege by the park's management to hand-pick Scotland's finest landmarks.

Scotland has a wealth of historical and breathtaking sites, so Smith is calling on help from fellow Scots to vote for their top six sites on this website's homepage.

Smith will then put the top six forward and Scotland will then be sitting proudly with other European countries.

Smith said:

"This is good craic, and credit to the managers of Mini-Europe for taking on a constructive suggestion! I'm all for Scotland in Europe, so if we can make Scotland in Mini-Europe happen then maybe that's a first step!

"I was trying to choose which of Scotland's landmarks should feature, then could not choose we have so many! Running a competition on my website seemed the fairest way for people to either vote for my suggestions or suggest their own, and the top six will be suggested to Mini-Europe for them to make up as models and install in pride of place."