Scots MEP Hails EU Crack Down On Mobile Roaming Charges

23 September 2008
SNP MEP Alyn Smith has hailed European Commission proposals to reduce the price of roaming text messages by 60% from 1st July 2009, as great news for Scots Holidaymakers.

Last year the European Commission and Parliament successfully slashed the costs operators can charge for roaming mobile calls to other EU countries, and these latest plans extend this effort to mobile text messages and internet browsing, taking the average cost of text messages sent abroad from the current 23 pence to 9 pence by 2009.

Speaking from Brussels, Smith said:

"Last year we saw positive moves by the European Parliament and Commission to reduce excessive charges applied by mobile phone operators to Scots calling to and from abroad. This year, we'll take that further to include both text messaging and web browsing and I am confident that these proposals will find a warm support in the Parliament and will be approved into law.

"For Scots holidaymakers and business travellers alike, this is a win-win situation. As someone who has to use their mobile abroad on a regular basis, I'll confess this is good news for me too!

"Text messaging is big business in Europe with 2.5billion texts being sent in 2007 which equates to €800million. Mobile phone operators have a right to make a profit, of course, but as technology moves on I am not convinced that all the benefits that can be passed on to the consumer actually have been.

"I look forward to these measures being implemented next year, especially in time for the summer holidays."