Smith Nominated As Politician Of The Year In Green Energy Awards

27 November 2009

SNP MEP Alyn Smith is delighted to have been nominated as Politician of the Year in the Green Energy Awards due to be announced next week.

The award recognises the achievements of politicians working to support renewable energy in Scotland. The politician could be an MEP, MSP, an MP with constituency interests in Scotland or a local councillor in Scotland and they should currently hold an elected post. Smith was also nominated in the MEP of the Year Awards this year for his work on EU Energy Policy.

Smith has been working hard to permanently end the discriminatory system of transmission charges and to support inter connectors allowing island energy suppliers access to the mainland grid. He has been instrumental in amending the recently approved Renewables Directive which makes clear, for the first time, that discrimination, by whatever mechanism, against the renewables sector is illegal. He recently lodged a Parliamentary Question obliging the Commission to state on the record what action it proposes to take on transmission charging. As a result of Smith's efforts the European Commission (EC) has sent a letter to the UK government about the UK transmission charges methodology being discriminatory against the development of renewables in the North of Scotland.

Speaking ahead of the awards, Smith said:

"I feel honoured to be nominated and fingers crossed I will win and leave my fellow nominees green with envy!

"It is a privilege to represent Scotland's energy sector in Brussels, we have, truly, every possible energy resource in spades, and a massive stake in the discussions underway right now in Brussels to maximise Europe's, and Scotland's energy potential."

The awards will take place on Thursday 3rd December 2009 at The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh.