Smith Calls On Brown To Intervene To Protect Scottish Businesses And Jobs

22 November 2009
Scotland's only member of the European Parliament Financial Crisis Committee Inquiry, SNP MEP Alyn Smith, has today called on Gordon Brown to intervene to protect Scottish businesses facing ruin as a consequence of the actions of KPMG, the administrators of the Dunfermline Building Society.

Commenting today, he said:

"Scottish businesses are being put under real pressure by the actions of KPMG. It is clear from the report that these businesses are viable going concerns. It would be farce if they were endangered by the irresponsible actions of the administrator.

"The interim report begs two crucial questions the government and Gordon Brown have to answer. The first is that given the report clearly states that these assets are ‘high quality', as opposed to ‘toxic', why was it necessary to put Dunfermline into administration in the first place? And the second is why he is allowing KPMG to act in a manner which is clearly jeopardising Scottish business and Scottish jobs?"

"Gordon Brown has to take action today to protect Scottish jobs and Scottish businesses and answer in the light of this report why he took such a precipitous and risky action in the first place."