SNP HQ Moves To Holyrood

02 July 2009
The SNP has opened its new headquarters next door to the Scottish Parliament in the heart of the Holyrood area of the city.

The move comes as the SNP marks its 75th anniversary and the Scottish Parliament marks ten years since it was reconvened.

The Party has moved to Gordon Lamb House, a new high quality contemporary office development located on Jackson's Entry within Edinburgh's World Heritage site.

Alyn Smith's office, which is based with the SNP's headquarters team, has also moved to Gordon Lamb House.

The accommodation gives the Party a higher profile for its headquarters operation, proximity to MSPs and media, professional facilities and environment.

SNP Business Convener Angus Robertson MP said:

"This is an excellent location for the party's new headquarters. Gordon Lamb House is a great new development to house a modern, progressive party like the SNP.

"These are exciting times for Scottish politics and our move to Holyrood further cements our position as the party of Government in Scotland.

"Being the first party to locate ourselves at the heart of Scottish political life shows how seriously we take our position in Scottish political life.

"This location will also allow us to strengthen our campaigning edge by bringing the party's organisational hub closer to our 47-strong group of MSPs who often front many of our national campaigns at a local level.

"We are the first political party to move to Holyrood - the political heart of the nation - and it is fitting that Scotland's Party should be the first to be headquartered at Scotland's Parliament."