Madame Ecosse Hits Campaign Trail

29 May 2009
SNP Honorary President and former MEP Winnie Ewing, joined SNP MP John Mason and European Candidate Alyn Smith on the campaign trail in Glasgow East today (Friday).

Joining the campaign in Glasgow, Mrs Ewing said:

"Ten years on from devolution there is a clear need for a strong Scottish voice in Europe and that a voice that will only come from the SNP.

"Europe has always welcomed Scotland and the SNP has a long track record of speaking up for Scotland. If returned to the European Parliament, SNP MEPs will work tirelessly to promote Scotland's interests.

"We have a strong Scottish Government fighting Scotland's corner - next week we must ensure we have a team of SNP MEPs to work alongside our Government in Scotland's best interests."

Visiting Brodie's Kitchen, a new local business which pays no business rates as a result of the SNP's small business bonus scheme, Mr Mason added:

"In July last year, the electorate of Glasgow East sent a powerful message to the Labour Government.

"During the Glasgow East by-election, the choice was clear: endorse the UK Government's disastrous 10p tax hike and soaring energy costs or vote for a party who would put the needs of the people of Scotland first.

"A vote for the SNP next week is a vote against the disastrous ÂŁ500m cut to Scotland's budget proposed by the UK Government and a vote to protect Scotland's jobs and communities. In the teeth of a recession, Labour's disastrous plans could endanger jobs and Scottish recovery.

"From Winnie Ewing's time in Brussels, SNP MEPs have earned a reputation for putting Scotland's needs first.

"Working together, SNP MEPs and the Scottish Government, have what it takes to continue this fight - putting Scotland's jobs and communities at the forefront of the European agenda.

"A vote for the SNP at these elections is a vote for Scottish jobs and economic recovery."