SNP MEP Backs SNP Bishopbriggs Candidate

21 May 2009
SNP MEP Alyn Smith met up with Bishopbriggs South candidate Denis Johnston and SNP Councillor Gillian Renwick today (Thursday) to show his support for Denis's campaign.

Alyn Smith MEP said:

"The European election isn't about Europe, its not even about the European Parliament, it's about Scotland. It's about who represents Scotland and how our vision of a normal, independent Scotland in the EU will make the lives of our citizens wealthier, fairer, greener and healthier.

"The people of Scotland are despairing of politicians and politics right now, and yearning for someone to fight their corner, to give them hope, to show them that a better Scotland is possible, a better economy is possible, a better Europe is possible. For the people of East Dunbartonshire that person is Denis Johnston, and that's why I visited Bishopbriggs today to back him.

"The interconnected world was scary enough when the money was pumping, now it's not and people want to see commitment to them.

"That's the SNP's strength - we will put Scotland's interests first and last and always, and our government in Edinburgh has been doing just that, even within the limited powers we have."

Denis Johnston said:

"Our by-election in Bishopbriggs is on the same day as the European Parliament elections, and something I believe passionately about is the right of people to have their vote and their voice heard by their representative - in whichever level of government that might be.

"It is vitally important to vote SNP for me and in the European elections, and I was delighted that Alyn, as an MEP, could join me in the streets of Bishopbriggs today and chat to the good people we met there."