First Minister Launches SNP European Campaign

13 May 2009
Scotland's First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond today (Wednesday) launched the SNP campaign for the European elections, committing SNP MEPs to work for Scotland's jobs and to promote economic recovery.

Speaking at the launch - held at Pelamis Wave Power, the Scottish company behind the world's first commercial wave farm, currently constructing generators to be used off Orkney - Mr Salmond said:

"The SNP is the only party offering a strong voice for Scotland in Europe.

"We have no doubt that together, Scotland's got what it takes to recover strongly from this recession. The SNP is working hard on recovery with an Economic Recovery Plan in place to protect Scottish jobs.

"We are accelerating European funding, with £70 million of regional development funding just announced, supporting 8,000 Scottish jobs. And we will use a further £190 million of European funding to do even more to protect jobs and help communities.

"The SNP is Scotland's Party and we will give Scotland the strongest voice in Europe. SNP MEPs will work alongside the Scottish Government, to identify and take forward opportunities for Scots in education, innovation and industries of the future, including renewable energy.

"Pelamis Wave Power is an excellent example of Scottish renewables success. We are developing ground breaking technology right here in Leith which will put Scotland at the forefront of Europe's renewable revolution and help create 16,000 green jobs in Scotland over the next decade.

"A vote for the SNP is a vote for this better future and in these elections, it will also send a powerful message to the government in London.

"We can make clear to the UK government that they must not cut £500 million from the money we are investing in recovery and put at risk 9000 jobs. Instead they can make the savings by scrapping the £100 billion Trident replacement and £5 billion ID cards. That is the clear and crucial choice on June 4th."

SNP MEP Alyn Smith added:

"A recent YouGov poll shows people believe the SNP cares most about Scottish success and they know we will always stand up for Scottish jobs and communities in Europe.

"Our commitment is clear - as part of a strong SNP team we will work flat out to protect jobs.

"SNP MEPs provide the strongest voice for your concerns in Europe and the more SNP MEPs we return to the European Parliament the louder this voice will be.

"Together, we've got what it takes to succeed in Europe."