European Investment Shows Scotland's Got What It Takes

06 May 2009
Millions of pounds of investment in Scotland's green energy future is on its way to Scotland after the European Parliament agreed nearly £400 million of investment in projects that will lead to green jobs in Scotland.

The European Parliament today voted to support funding for the North Sea Grid, an offshore wind project near Aberdeen and support for carbon capture projects with potential for investment in Longannet.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith today welcomed the package which will put Scotland at the heart of Europe's green economy and recovery package.

Funding includes:

  • £40 million for Aberdeen Offshore Windfarm
  • £180 million for Carbon Capture and Storage projects - for which Longannet in Fife is a leading competitor
  • £165 million for investment in developing a North Sea Energy Grid

Speaking after the vote in Strasbourg Mr Smith said:

"Scotland has what it takes to lead Europe's green energy future with investment in jobs and recovery that will put Scotland at the heart of Europe's energy infrastructure.

"Scotland has won the energy lottery once with North Sea Oil, now we must take full advantage of our immense green energy resources to support our communities, create jobs and boost our economy.

"The strong voice in Europe given by SNP MEPs and the Scottish Government has won results as Europe acknowledges the vital role Scotland can play in meeting EU climate change targets, building a green economy and delivering the new technology needed for the future.

"As the Scottish Parliament today debates the first stage of what is world leading climate change legislation this vote could not have come at a better time.

"I am proud to be part of the SNP delivering such a big win today, if we were a member state in our own right instead of constantly arguing against the London government's nuclear agenda we would be able to do so much better, but we're on our way."