Campaign For Protected Status of Kilts Takes Step Forward, says Smith

31 July 2008
Alyn Smith MEP for Scotland has urged the UK Government to adopt a proposal by the European Commission that will protect the status of Scottish made Kilts.

The purpose of this proposal is to enhance transparency and help consumers make informed purchase decisions, and also to reduce the incidence of fraudulent or misleading indications that would undermine the reputation of Scottish Kilt makers.

It is now up to Member States to decide on and adopt the Commission proposal. At this stage, it seems that the Council of the European Union is split between supporters and opponents, and that a vote could result in the failure of the proposal.

Mr Smith said:

"Scottish Kilt makers have built a world renowned reputation for quality over the past 500 years. This is a fantastic, distinctly Scottish fashion that not only encompasses time honoured traditional styles of outfit, but also the new breed of tartan's that Scottish designers have flaunted on cat walks from Paris to New York.

"It is for this reason that Kilt's be protected from cheap imitations that seek to capitalise on a traditional industry that is a hallmark of Scotland.

"I put it to the Secretary of State that this measure is necessary in order to ensure the reputation of Scottish Kilt makers not be tarnished by cheap foreign knock-offs. I trust that he will take this into consideration and act in the interest of Scotland."