Day In East Lothian For Euro MP

10 April 2009
MEP for Scotland Alyn Smith was in East Lothian alongside Westminster Parliamentary candidate Andrew Sharp as part of his regular tour through the county to meet folk and see what is going on.

The pair visited Alba Trees, the UK's largest producer of cell grown plants, based in Gladsmuir.

Alba Trees have recently marked the 21st anniversary of the foundation of the company, and are just about to reach the milestone of having sold 100 million trees.

At a lively meeting the pair were quizzed over SNP plans for rural development, and impressed with the plans that Alba Trees is pushing forward.

Alyn Smith said:

"It is always great to see what's doing in East Lothian, and I enjoyed this trip seeing the quality, sustainable business that Alba Trees has going here, more power to their elbow! The business is a fine example of a Scottish firm leading the way in the development of an industry, and the forestry sector is certainly a key one for this country.

"The SNP is committed to the development of rural Scotland, and that means sustainable, quality jobs in rural areas. We are working hard to make the funding, both EU and domestic, as user friendly as possible, and making some headway in delivering for the whole of Scotland.

"I wish the team at Alba Trees the best of luck, and managed to pick up a few things I can take forward on their behalf. Politics is about delivery, and if I can deliver some results which make their business easier then we all win."

Andrew Sharp said:

"It is the aim of the SNP, both locally and nationally, to do it all it can to encourage businesses in the county and to increase jobs.

"It is companies like Alba Trees that we want to develop in East Lothian. It is organisations such as this one that will really reap the benefits from our policies for businesses. And we congratulate them on a successful 21 years, and of course for selling their 100 millionth tree!"