Smith Seeks Crucial EU Funding For New Lanark Conservation Trust

31 March 2008
Alyn Smith MEP for Scotland has written to the European Commission on behalf of the New Lanark Conservation Trust to seek funding for two essential projects.

Mr Smith wrote to Jan Figel, the European Commissioner for Education, Training Culture & Youth, outlining the plight of the Trust, and their bid to complete restoration of the 18th century cotton mill village.

In particular the Trust are looking for funding to restore a supporting wall that is currently unstable and near the point of collapse. If this were to happen it would jeopardise the structural integrity of a number of surrounding properties. The second area of development is the subsequent full restoration of the properties in danger from the collapsing wall. The Trust is seeking a ÂŁ100,000 to complete this work.

The Trust has already benefited from monies provided by the European Social Fund. However, due to Historic Scotland's decision to withdraw financial support to the trust, additional sources of funding are crucial to the continued success of the World Heritage site in New Lanark.

Alyn Smith said:

"This is a fantastic project that offers great benefits to the people of New Lanark and surrounding areas. The excellent work that has been carried out by the Trust so far is testament to their steadfast commitment and ingenuity.

"Each new project presents new challenges, and unfortunately for this one it boils down to money. The Trust have already enjoyed funding from EU, but given the nature of what this project is trying to achieve as a whole, I see no reason why not to seek additional assistance, especially at such a crucial time.

"It is for this reason that I was only too happy to write to the Commission, seeking a positive outcome for the New Lanark Conservation Trust."