Islands Wave Power Scheme "A Triumph For Community"

22 January 2009
Alyn Smith, MEP for Scotland, has hailed the move by the Scottish Government to grant planning permission to the Siadar wave power scheme on the Isle of Lewis. The decision was announced by the First Minister earlier today (Thursday).

The site is set to become one of the first, and largest, wave power projects of its kind anywhere in the world and will be capable of generating up to 4 megawatts of energy. It will also create up to 70 jobs on the Isle of Lewis.

Mr Smith said:

"Scotland's potential to develop into Europe's renewable energy powerhouse has taken a big step forward today. This scheme will not only provide jobs and infrastructure in Lewis but also represents a substantial advance in the field of wave technology.

"Such community-based schemes should be applauded and replicated across Scotland. Linking people to their energy supply promotes greater awareness of how we use our power which, in turn, encourages people to think about not only the financial cost of their energy use, but the other impacts of leaving the lights on or the TV on standby.

"This is good work by the Scottish Government today and I look forward to seeing construction begin and bring to fruition all the benefits that this scheme promises."