Smith Welcomes Ten Years of the Euro

01 January 2009
On the tenth anniversary of the Euro, SNP MEP Alyn Smith has reiterated his discontent at the UK's continued opt-out along with his wish to see Scotland adopt the currency as soon as possible.

Further, he criticised the role of the UK government in the build up to the current financial climate while congratulating the success of the single currency over the past ten years.

Mr Smith said:

"Around 320 million people now use the Euro and on its tenth anniversary, on 1st January, Slovakia will become its 16th country. All new member states within the EU are planning to change to the Euro, and Denmark intends to hold a referendum next year.

"If Denmark votes yes to the Euro, that will leave the UK as the only EU country who is not in, or not currently working towards, the Eurozone. This is something which has left the UK worse off than it would otherwise have been in this current financial climate.

"An independent Scotland would be able to represent Scotland's interests, and so the SNP supports a referendum on entry into the Euro. May I personally congratulate an EU success story."