Parents Warned Over Dangerous Toys

18 December 2008
Alyn Smith MEP for Scotland has issued warnings to parents who are buying their children toys for Christmas, telling them to pay heed to the European logo, ‘CE', which confirms that what they are buying has passed European approved safety tests.

The European Parliament has this week announced further requirements for foreign made toys sold in the European Union, obliging them to exclude heavy metals and chemicals in any toys produced in the future. There will be a ban on 55 allergenic fragrances and others will only be allowed to be used with the proper label.

Smith said:

"This is good work by the European Parliament, and all the more relevant as we approach the festive period. At this time of year, when toy sales are at their peak, we need to ensure that what is being purchased is safe for their young recipients.

"Between 2002 and 2007, 22 million toys have been recalled that have represented a serious risk to children. Whilst the vast majority of these toys are those imported from outside the European Union where safety standards are not as high, it is vital that these imports are subjected to the same assessments as our own goods.

"The European toy safety checks are generally well-respected and it is important that we retain the confidence of consumers by ensuring that these tests keep up with the science and the risks. These new checks will reduce the chances of harm and I urge shoppers to be conscientious in checking their purchases for the CE logo to make sure that they are safe for little fingers."