Top Level EU Meeting in Europe's Energy Capital to Hear Case for EU Investment in Scotland

13 November 2008
SNP Member of the European Parliament for Scotland Mr Alyn Smith is to take part in a major EU energy conference taking place in Aberdeen tomorrow (Friday), and will claim that Scotland could safely meet a quarter of the EU's renewable energy needs given suitable EU investment.

The meeting organised by the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions brings together policy makers from across the EU to discuss the current EU negotiations over the energy targets, and how maritime and peripheral regions can contribute to them. Smith, an Alternate Member of the European Parliament's Energy Committee will highlight the fact that Aberdeen is already the EU's energy powerhouse and make the case for substantial EU investment in Scotland to spur a 'New Green Deal'.

Speaking in advance of the meeting, Smith said:

"I'm looking forward to getting back to Aberdeen and taking part in this impressive conference. We have heard for years that Scotland could be Europe's Green Energy Powerhouse but now is surely the time to make it actually happen and that will require substantial EU investment, particularly in infrastructure to wire up the seas for marine energy.

"Climate change is an issue where it makes clear sense to work with our neighbours and our friends to set ambitious targets, and the EU policy makers have found enthusiastic partners in Scotland, as we are uniquely placed to contribute to this debate as the most energy rich nation in the EU.

"But Scotland's green energy revolution has been long talked about and not yet delivered, there remain a number of real obstacles in our path and I firmly believe EU action, and cash, will knock them down allowing us to develop our own markets in clean green energy."