Kilroy-Silk to Set Up Own Party?

25 October 2004
"Tango-party would still play nasty English politics with nothing to contribute"

Scottish National Party MEP Mr Alyn Smith has commented upon rumours circulating in Strasbourg that UKIP's Robert Kilroy-Silk may leave UKIP and set up his own party after crisis talks taking place this evening in Strasbourg.

The SNP MEP said:

"What a shower these little Englanders really are! UKIP did not win any seats in Scotland because their nasty English politics has no place in any forward thinking country, and whatever they call themselves or however many parties they set up they'll still be a muppet show on the sidelines while the rest of us try to actually reform things.

"News that Kilroy-Silk has spat the dummy because the other UKIP boys will not let him be king of the castle comes as no surprise, but if he really is serious in saying that he might set up his own party he is even more vain than he looks.

"The fact is he and his English colleagues can call themselves what they like, and set up as many parties as they please. In the five months since they were elected, UKIP MEPs have been found to have little understanding of the real issues, and even less to contribute to the debate. Fighting amongst themselves like stoats in a red white and blue sack just adds to the spectacle.