Key European Parliament Committee to come to Scotland

26 October 2004
"SNP Win in Europe: Proof of interest in Scottish experience"

Scottish National Party MEP Mr Alyn Smith has today confirmed that the Regional Development Committee of the European Parliament has backed his initiative and will come to Scotland in 2005. The Committee will examine Scottish experience of EU funding, in order to share Scottish experience.

The SNP MEP said:

"I'm delighted, this is fantastic news, and confirms the European Parliament's interest in Scotland. I would take this opportunity to thank the MEPs from other Scottish parties who supported the SNP initiative and highlight how closely we worked together to make this happen. I'm delighted that a process began when I suggested to a number of Scottish organisations to get invites in to the Committee has today been approved by the coordinators. The full Committee has yet to rubber-stamp the decision and to decide when to come, though these decisions will take place at our meeting on 24 November in Brussels, and I'm sure that with such interest in our case this will be a formality.

"We do of course now have to decide on where the Committee will go and what it will see. I'll be organising a meeting of all parties in Scotland in early course to make sure that we put together a useful and enjoyable programme for the Committee. I'll have a busy few months ahead!

"As the only Scottish voice on the Temporary Committee looking at the future funding of the EU, the announcement of this visit could not have come at a better time. It just goes to show that the European Parliament will come out of this glittering palace and see what is happening, it only takes a strong voice to persuade them to come."