SNP MEP laughs at European Parliament "Village Idiot"

17 November 2004
"Self awareness clearly not a strong point"

Reacting to a hilarious speech by ex Labour ex UKIP anti European MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk, Scottish National Party MEP Mr Alyn Smith has today (Wednesday) lamented that so few of the people who actually voted for him will ever see what a complete fool he makes of himself every time he opens his mouth in Strasbourg.

The SNP MEP said:

"I sat through Mr Kilroy-Silk's performance, and it was a performance, with increasing disbelief. I could not quite see whether he was foaming at the mouth, though he certainly sounded like it. What a joker! I'm not keen to admit I'm from the UK at the best of times, but if ever I wanted a reason to distance myself from those two letters Mr Kilroy-Silk is it.

"The dumped Labour MP and dumped chat show host called the proposed European Commissioners rejects and has-beens without a hint of irony! He even took the ironic applause as some sort of affirmation, when the chamber was clearly laughing at him, not with him. There is a genuine question and a genuine argument about whether the UK and an independent Scotland will want to remain part of the EU, and I'm not afraid of having that argument, but this permatanned Colonel Blimp makes a mockery of that whole question.

"UKIP did good business to be rid of such an embarrassment, and that is saying something! The sad thing is that his ranting will be reported in some quarters at home as him coming here and fighting, where in actual fact he is just making us all look like fools and wasting all our time. To think he claims a salary to put in such performances, dear oh dear."